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Finish this haiku … if you can

I was attempting a haiku this morning when I realized there is no good antonym for alone.

Walking alone is
often the first step towards

These were the first two lines of an idea I was trying to work through by haiku. Except, I couldn’t finish it in a satisfying way.

“Together?” Is together really the only antonym for alone?

I was going for an emotion, a feeling, a deep sense of being close to another person or to humanity. Feeling less afraid. Feeling as if someone else understands you.

And “together” … just doesn’t do it.

Together is so physical. It’s a fixing word. It’s an extrovert’s word. It’s not the word I mean at all.

Want to help me finish the haiku?

Walking alone is
often the first step towards…

I’d love it if you’d give it a shot in the comments below or on your own blog with a pingback here. If your haiku especially speaks to me, I’ll reblog it.

41 thoughts on “Finish this haiku … if you can”

    1. My favorite of these is # 1 because I think it almost gets what I was thinking …almost. #2 FUNNY! (and true) and #3 really clever — not what I was thinking at all — but clever!


    1. GINZ FOR THE WIN!!!! WOOOOO!!! This, while not the opposite of alone … is closest to what I was going for when I sat down to consider this “haiku.” And anyway still “connected” to the original concept. (Not to mention 5 lovely syllables inside one lovely word.)

      the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.
      “such synchronicity is quite staggering


      1. That said — keep ’em coming folks if you think of additional ones. This has been the most fun I’ve had on the blog in a long time.


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