Dear Humans

Dear Other Humans: On Being Discovered

Dear Other Humans,

Is it time to mine my beliefs for why I continue to yearn to be “discovered?”

What do I think will happen once I am “discovered?” Money? Fame? Recognition? Acknowledgment?

Then what? A legacy left? A statue erected? Textbook curriculums created?

Here is yet another subconscious belief I don’t know how to un-believe: that to be discovered is a necessary, or at least, a desired end.

Yet, it’s not an end.

No one who was ever “discovered” thought, “Ah, I’ve reached the end.”

I know this.

And yet my actions follow the belief, not the knowledge.

Maybe I’m in the liminal space between awareness and change. I’ve experienced many instances when knowing came first, then new belief followed. I just don’t know yet how to make this belief come on this timeline, by which I mean, come faster.

It is possible to discover oneself? Is that the solution? Discover oneself so as to eliminate the need to be discovered?

Like I am learning how to love myself? Something that once seemed impossible?

Is there a way to believe I am already discovered? As I have started to believe I already am loved?

Dear humans, I am sending this message with love across space and time. Hold it gently.


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