De plane, de plane

I’m thankful for this parody forwarded to me by my friend Deborah, which does such a good job making fun of El Al flights (like our flight to Israel) that I don’t have to spend time doing it myself.

One thing I have to add to this blogger’s post is the unique insanity that accompanies Israel-bound flights because of the necessity (Or desire? I don’t want to offend.) for orthodox Jews on the flight to “daven” (pray). Individuals such as the gentleman seated in front of us who seemed to lose his prayer book every time the beverage cart started down the aisle and had to go searching for it in multiple pockets of multiple suit jackets in multiple overhead compartments.

That said, during the minutes I thought the plane was going down from extreme turbulence, I was very grateful for those on our plane who had God’s ear. I was rational enough to think at the time, “This plane is as blessed as you can get,” while simulatenously countering that rationale with the Holocaust, evidence that you can pray super hard and still tragically perish.

But most of all, the one thing you can count on from El Al that you don’t see on domestic American flights is that no matter what the emergency, tea and coffee will be always be served…with pleasure.

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