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I wasn’t always like this

A well-thought out middle name is an underused tool.

My middle name should be “in progress.”

Jen In Progress.

In my case, In Progress would remind me to be compassionate, to others, but mostly to myself.

Mother In Progress

Wife In Progress

Friend In Progress

It would remind me that I will always be a novice no matter how expert I might become at a skill or a task.

Employee In Progress

Coworker In Progress

Marketing Goddess In Progress

It would remind me that self-expression is a gift wrapped in complicated responsibility

Writer In Progress

Coach In Progress

Community leader In Progress

And that how I define myself is as temporary as it is permanent

Jew In Progress

Israeli In Progress

Kibbutznik In Progress

If my middle name was In Progress, every time I made a serious decision, committed myself to a long term action plan, said Yes or said No, I would acknowledge that I am doing so with the purest of intentions as well as the greatest of uncertainties.

That I am always “in progress” means that I may always forgive myself.  I may always start over. I may always assume that tomorrow will be better.

Even when it’s not.

In Progress reminds me to be in motion. To repair that which I may have broken. To rediscover the gratitude I may have misplaced. To reignite the passion I have let wane.

To progress.

To journey.

To grow.

2 thoughts on “I wasn’t always like this”

  1. Nice post. I think we should all look at ourselves as in progress. Like you said progress means growing, devloping and learning. This is a worthy goal for us all.
    Btw, I love the title of your blog. Yadda,yadda, yadda – over Aliyah. Really. Funnily enough, I referenced Seinfeld in my post today.
    Good Shabbos.


  2. with progress comes change. Change is good. Even a little revolution, now and then can be a good thing. Most of all progress should always be forward looking and based upon looking back at what we were.


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