The difference a falling rock makes

This morning I was planning to write about love and light.

You know Valentine’s Day. Love. Mindfulness. Kumbaya.

But as soon as I turned on the computer, and before I logged into WordPress, I quickly scanned the latest in my Twitter feed.

Big mistake.

toi meteor

Distracted by the End of the World, I found my creativity a bit…muted.

It’s a good life lesson in how quickly our minds and hearts can turn from love and light to fear and darkness.

And how ultimately, it’s up to us to decide which track to follow.

How one weekend I can be so intensely caught up in the extraordinary beauty of my life.

And how one weekend later I can be in a state of panic about its very existence.

How one use of one medium may embody all that is good and peaceful about social media

serenity rocks

And how another use of another medium can illustrate how social media may incite and invite mass panic.

facebook jen meteor

And how very much

we are the drivers of










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