How to survive parenting when you’d rather be getting drunk

I love my children.

But some nights — especially Thursday nights (the Israeli equivalent of Friday night) — I’d rather be out at a swanky city bar with friends on my way to a Friday morning hangover than hovering over the bathtub trying to convince a screaming five year old that I have not even put shampoo in her hair yet, let alone allow it to stream into her eyeballs.

On nights like these, I am thankful for my remaining sense of humor.

For Playmobil.

And Instagram.

So I could finish washing the dishes in peace, I told my daughter she could go to her room and pick out five Playmobil figures to bring in the bath with her.

(Washing the dishes in peace is my sad sorry pleasure on this particular Thursday night.)

When I met her in the bathroom, this is what I found.

playmobil parade

I call it:

“The UN Daycare Field Trip to My Bathroom”


And have a Cosmopolitan for me!


7 thoughts on “How to survive parenting when you’d rather be getting drunk”

  1. Hey…that’s more than five! Ah, screw it – you’re having fun, right?

    Kind of makes me wish I’d taken a few photos of the floating bathtub city my nine year old made last night out of an egg carton, straws, toothpicks, clay and a slice of cardboard. Yes, I told him that cardboard wouldn’t hold up in water, it didn’t, but he had a blast (and learned from experience).

    Loving the water play….and a glass of wine at the end of the day doesn’t hurt 😉


  2. Ha! There are times, on the other hand, when taking pictures is necessary! This is hilarious and I hear you and I’m now going to think about you while I’m washing up after tonight’s dinner. Would be more fun, of course, if we could to go out and have a laugh and drink, or 2…


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