Carl Jung said life begins at 40


Carl Jung, man … his words are a treasure box of quotes waiting to be mined for social media memes.

I was looking on Google this morning for a passage he wrote in his autobiography — Memories, Dreams, Reflections — and in passing discovered the above quote, not at all on the topic I was researching.

Nodding my head, I quickly downloaded the picture and uploaded it to my blog, eager to share it with all of you. Waiting for your “hell yeahs!” and your “don’t we know its!” and our joint agreement  that life sure does begin at 40.

But then I stopped. Right here. On this very line.

Did Jung really write this? The sentence phrasing sounds more like an inspirational poster they sell at university bookstores than a statement made by Jung.

Then I stopped again. On this very line.  Right here. And asked myself, “does it matter?”

Of course it does — in the long run scheme of things. No one should be out in the world molesting Carl Jung’s words and turning them into pretty pictures for Pinterest.

But in the short term scheme of things, maybe this sentiment was exactly what I was looking for today, and didn’t know it.  

Or maybe this quote led me to write this post which led me to find this article which led me right back to the information I was looking for.

Jung, man.



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10 thoughts on “Carl Jung said life begins at 40”

  1. funny, yeah I would agree with Jung, or whoever may have changed it since then, I liked turning 40, but then I have to say my few b-days since have been kind of a let-down but I just keep moving and acting like I’m still 30 :)… Did you just celebrate yours??


  2. Once again a post on our collective blog mirrored a theme you were writing about. At forty-six I must say while certain things have been a little unnerving (like having to hold ingredient label at strange angles with squinty eyes) the rest has been so much easier and better than the thirties. Enjoy the next chapter…


  3. His or not, it is still very true.

    But I’m not sure a college student would have it as a poster. It would hurt his delicate self-esteem, and the school administrators simply could not have that.


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