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I’m a zombie; really, truly, deeply

“As an immigrant, I feel both frustrated and grateful. Frustrated because I can’t communicate how and when I want to. Yet grateful for that fragile window of time in which I must pause. I have no other choice.”

Read the full piece about how I really, truly am…

a zombie.

1 thought on “I’m a zombie; really, truly, deeply”

  1. Fabulous piece. There were times in Ireland my zombie did get out and, after reading this, I must say I wish I’d had the language barrier to keep it in check. Often it was an issue of different culture, different approach to things, but there were times it was simply that I was frustrated or irritated or impatient and I spoke my mind. And unfortunately, they understood. That sort of thing isn’t really done in rural Ireland. Kinda makes you stick out.


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