Spyware (A Telepathic Blogger’s Haiku)

I know you’re reading.

I feel you each time you do.

But more when you don’t.

2 thoughts on “Spyware (A Telepathic Blogger’s Haiku)”

  1. Nice. The deafening sound of one hand clapping. I read your every vord, by the vay, vhich ought to bring dovn the internal volume a db or so. Here in my freezing kitchen in an Israel vhich feels more like Calgary than the highly vaunted Mediterranean coast.
    (Apologies for the missing ‘double-you’. Frost melting from the ceiling dripped onto my lap-top; took out that letter plus the first tvo digits, the exclamation-mark, and the ‘strudel’. Oy.


    1. Your non-Ws made me laugh. I appreciate the explanation though b/c for a minute I thought the frost had gotten to your head, not your laptop…


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