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The obligatory notice

Almost as often as I change the furniture around in my house, I like to play with the look and feel of the blog.

Please note the new design only enough to be aware that it’s still me.

photo passover 2014

Fine. I admit it. I was really looking for an excuse to post this not-half-bad picture of almost-40-year-old-me. The redesign is just a ruse.

Not half bad, right?

But DO note the new MENU in the sidebar of the new blog design. (On mobile devices this menu should appear at the top, on the left hand side.)

Soon more menu selections will appear offering easy access to the types of posts you like most. (In other words, if you don’t love poetry, you can skip quickly to travel, wellness, essay, kibbutz life or photography.)

Thanks for hanging around.

21 thoughts on “The obligatory notice”

  1. Hey – liking the look! Change is good – it puts the zing in our step and the zest in life! Well that’s what I think anyway 😉


  2. Not half bad indeed! Stunning shot. And really very good of you to come clean about your motivation 🙂
    I like the menu, too. I’ve been playing around with various theme changes myself but none of them work with my silver leaf photo. Minimal, controlled change can be good. Ha!


    1. Thanks for the feedback. Your new look inspired me to play a little with mine. Gave me the push I needed since I first started thinking about revisiting the “theme” of the blog a few months ago.


      1. Thanks! I only made a few changes and mostly because changing the theme itself doesn’t work with said graphic. But it’s great to know they were noticed – and inspiring.


  3. First of all I want your entire outfit. Second of all I wish I could go out for coffee with you and third of all I can’t wait to see what is next and I LOVE the newly designed blog!


  4. Jen, that is a beautiful pic of a great lady – and so Israeli! I have that shirt! I can’t wait to read more about your travels, and hope to meet you this year when we come to Israel!


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