Mindfulness is knowing that today sucks …emphasis on today

Some days just suck.

How do you find mindfulness in the sucky days?

Some days just suck.
Some days just suck.

1. Be aware that today sucks.

2. Emphasize the today instead of the sucks.

3. For fun: Walk around and say “today fucking sucks” out loud. This especially works if you never ever use the word fuck in your daily vocabulary. It works exceptionally well for individuals who never read anything that has the word “fuck” in it because they think it weakens or degrades the message.

There is nothing that brings you back to the present like walking around your house in sweatpants and a ponytail shouting “Today fucking sucks.” It often works quicker than choosing to let go or sitting in meditative prayer.

And frankly, we imperfect human beings sometimes need to acknowledge the fucking sucky in the world, the sucky in today, the sucky in ourselves, the sucky in other people, and in our relationships.

When we also acknowledge its immediacy, however, we mindfully frame the suckiness.

As in: Today sucks. This moment fucking sucks.


Try it with a friend: It might make your day a little less sucky.

(And if that doesn’t work, play this Pink song at the the maximum volume and scream along like a 12 year old at a bat mitzvah.)