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Practice hard what you preach; then practice some more

There is what I preach and there is what I practice and there is sometimes overlap.

All of my preaching is prepared and shared with good intentions.

Yet there is intention and there is action and in between there is emotion.

Emotion gets in the way, sometimes.

A lot of times.

Meaning, no matter how good my intentions, and no matter how loud my preachin’, my emotions trump.

My emotions are




Which brings me back to practice.

Knowing that my emotions trump my intentions, I may be (and must be) mindful in situations in which emotions run high.

The only way I know how to get better at acting with intention is to notice when I’m not…

and turn it around.


I love my emotions.

Okay, I value them.

But there are times when I wish what I know to be true would run through and through

all the way to my heart

As opposed to the doubt, the anger, the hurt, the fear

That runs through instead.

And all I can do in those moments

when the through and through is

doubt, anger, hurt, fear

is practice.

= = =

P.S.: For those seeking the conclusion to my driving test saga, sigh, I didn’t pass.

9 thoughts on “Practice hard what you preach; then practice some more”

    1. Good advice and nice silver lining to add to the playbook. Need to perhaps figure out my bus options … there are, unfortunately not the best. Or work out a carpool — possible. Until the problem is solved.


  1. Great post. Being mindful of emotions helps them from driving our life. We can be aware of them, ride them, appreciate them, but not let them dictate our situation. I feel the same way in that I wish my emotions would better reflect my intentions. It is truly practice.

    Sorry you didn’t pass. Hopefully you can take the test again soon. I failed my first driver’s test. I almost pulled out in front of a car and I could not do a Y turn, which we never covered in driver’s ed.


      1. It makes me so happy that you replied with a link to a new song for me to discover. THANK YOU! I loved it!


    1. Thanks for your comment! Do you know what? Three days after i happened (and I told about 10 people), it didn’t hurt so much anymore. If only I had three days to recoup from all of my strong emotional responses … Is there an app for that? šŸ˜‰


      1. I think that you have hit on some of it. Just being able to vent and relate our frustrations and emotions allows us to better step back from them. The key is finding that right emotional outlet. You have a great one with your writing. Thanks for sharing!


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